This project is designed to deliver a series of theoretical lectures and practical exercises to students. The goal is to provide the basic tools to build up an awareness and appreciation of some of the fundamental aspects of Geosciences.

The project is coordinated by ExtraGEO - academic spin-off of the University of Basilicata in collaboration with Shell E&P Italy.

“GeoSchool” includes 6 educational lessons for students of the first, second and third year of intermediate schools, who generally have an age comprised between eleven and fourteen. Students are exposed to a series of theoretical lectures, educational movies, practical games and experiments on the basics of Earth Sciences, including: identification of basic types of rocks, understanding the solid Earth system (i.e., plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes).

The lectures are related to the Basic Geology and Geosites, places of geological interest that, through their exploitation, can become highly attractive touristic centers and educational.
At the end of each lesson, the learning level is checked through a GeoQuiz mode of competitive type, splitting the teams students, and by assigning a score and its final award.

The final lesson consists on an field trip to to one of the most representative geosites of Basilicata (Sasso di Castalda, Monte Vulture, Dolomiti Lucane, Val d’Agri ecc.). There, students have the opportunity to observe and study rocks and their physical features on outcrops (i.e., sedimentary layering, tectonic structures, fossil content, etc.), and better appreciate the uniqueness of their local surroundings.

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